Notre Dame Cathedral

"Top 10 Notre Dame reconstructions" The Indepentent


Notre Dame is a symbol, and like all symbols it is unassailable. Therefore, the cathedral of Notre Dame should be reconstructed as it was before the fateful fire on the 15th of April 2019.French President Emmanuel Macron announced the reconstruction of the building in under 5 years, and after the study, large architecture studios launched their design proposals, using modern materials. At Fran Canós Studio, we believe that this is a terrible error, because it would break the consistency of the cathedral as a whole. Imagine that after an accident, part of Las Meninas by Velázquez was burned. It would be an error to reconstruct it by applying another style of painting, for example, cubism.

Formal study

During the fire, the whole world held its breath for the preservation of the cathedral, leading to this project. At Fran Canós Studio, we believe that the cathedral must be reconstructed exactly as it was before the fire, applying a framework of natural stone on the upper covering, as a symbol of protection after the fateful fire.This new design is created from a buttress connected on the exterior of the current walls, and will rise above the new covering, with a fully curved geometry, crisscrossing to generate a Romanesque cross at each connection. This design pushes the limits of the appearance and structure of natural stone. It is a modern challenge, where design and science are once again combined, as in the creation of Notre Dame in 1163. The aim of this study is to respectfully recreate the cathedral of Notre Dame as it was before the fire, and to apply the encompassing design, using ancient materials and modern techniques, to even further exalt the famous cathedral, as Viollet-le-Duc did with the spire in 1844.